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Wash The Face Of An Angel

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St Bride's is one of London's most beautiful churches. An authentic reproduction of Sir Christopher Wren's masterpiece of 1675, it includes his highest spire which is the inspiration for wedding cakes around the world.

Fire-bombed in the Blitz in 1940, St Bride's was faithfully restored following Wren's original plans. The "Phoenix of Fleet Street" arose in glory from its ashes and was rededicated in 1957 thanks to dedication and gifted craftsman.

Five decades on and the church finds itself in need of urgent repair and redecoration. The INSPIRE! Appeal began in 2012 and aims to raise £2.5 million to fund this. Work has already begun on the outside of the church to secure the fabric of the building.

The Wash The Face Of An Angel campaign focuses on the restoration and cleaning of the interior of St Bride's. It aims to raise more than £200,000 by asking supporters to sponsor individual parts of the church; from coats of arms, to statues of saints: from golden pineapples to comforting kneelers.

Select one of the photos below to explore that area of the church and uncover what items need your help. Alternatively, browse the list below the photos. Once you have chosen an item to sponsor it will be placed in the St Bride's Shop basket and payment is then taken via PayPal. Should you wish to discuss sponsoring one of the more significant items pleaseemail James Irving, the Director of Finance (or call +44 020 7427 0133).

North Aisle & Lobby

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East End


West End & Tower


South Aisle

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Item Name Cost to Sponsor No. Remaining Sponsor

Redeem the Reredos

Refresh the Roses

Reflame the Flambeaux

Prophet and Priest

East Enders

Revive the Gild

Brighten the Bay Vaults

Wash the Face of an Angel

Arch Supporters

Adopt a Coat of Arms

Give Wings to the Dove

A Nail in Time

Heavens Above! Celestial Choir in Need of a Scrub

Original Splendour - Wren's Tower Lobby

Touch Up the Tinctures

Comfy Worship

Support a Column

Let the Sun Shine In

Restore the Pile

Cheer Up a Cherub

Polish a Pineapple

Sign Up for a Portland Stone

Valet Our Saints & Tudor Treasures

St Bride

St Bride

Eight feet (224cm) tall plaster sculpture executed in 1957 by sculptor David McFall.
St Paul

St Paul

Eight feet (224cm) tall plaster sculpture executed in 1957 by sculptor David McFall.
St Bride

St Bride

Brass Medieval lectern rescued from the church by parishioners after the evening service and, very soon afterwards, following the bombing on 29th December 1940, by breaking in through the West doors. This was the only item of value they were able to salvage before the interior was consumed by fire.

Let the Sun Shine In

St Bride

Sanctuary Stained Glass Window

The great East window reconstructed in the 1990s, built with lead cames, reamy glass quarries and new ferrementa; the only glazing in the church with any colour.