St Bride's: Music

St Bride's Choir

The choir in its present form (4 sopranos, 2 altos, 3 tenors and 3 basses) was established for the rededication of the church in 1957 and has remained more or less in this form ever since.

All singers are full-time professionals, and are therefore not always available for every service due to commitments elsewhere, so we maintain a substantial list of deputy singers whose contribution is vital. Frequent auditions for the deputy list are held, consisting of the performance of a solo piece followed by a rigorous sight-reading test - prospective applicants need a voice which is of solo quality, while also being able to blend with other singers, and the ability to perform music for any service competently (whether or not it is familiar) after a 30 minute rehearsal.

The choir benefits from generous financial support from a wide variety of sources. Connections with the newspaper industry (who provided funding for the establishment of the choir in 1957) remain strong, but many of the newer inhabitants of Fleet Street have played their part, especially by contributing to the Re-endowment Appeal in 2004.

This has enabled the choir's activities to be maintained, and the installation in 2011 of equipment to enable web-casting is helping to bring our work to a wider audience. Although kept very busy by events in the church, the choir is still able to travel to external engagements from time to time and these also enhance our profile.