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Updated 21/04/21: We are delighted that St Bride’s doors are now open six days a week for those wishing to worship, pray and visit (closed on Saturdays). Our two Sunday choral serices have also resumed.
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St Bride's Inspire! Appeal

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St Bride's Appeal 2012


St Bride’s Church, Fleet Street is one of the finest examples of Christopher Wren’s work which has stood for more than 300 years, including surviving the Blitz.

However, it is in serious need of restoration.

In 2012 the Parish will start fundraising to carry out essential restoration to preserve the spire and ensure the future of St Bride's.

We need to raise £2.5 million for this vital programme of restoration.

Download appeal brochure (pdf)

St Bride's steeple
Why the Appeal?
  • Why the Appeal?


    So why the appeal to save Christopher Wren's masterpiece?

    In simple terms the spire is falling down!

    • St Bride’s is one of the finest examples of Christopher Wren’s work which has stood for more than 300 years.
    • Wren’s tallest City church has survived world wars, decades of smoky chimneys, storms, gales and lightning, defiling by birds and post-war pile driving: no surprise then that its walls and tower have needed periodic strengthening.
    • Rusting of Wren’s original iron cramps, which hold the stones together, is breaking stone faces apart.
    • Damage to stonework causing falls of stone from the tower has now become of serious concern.
    • Grime has built up since the last cleaning 40 years ago and carbon more than an inch deep in places has accumulated in the iconic spire.
    • The interior of the church, untouched for more than 30 years, sorely needs attention.
    • The parish has to start fundraising now to carry out the vital conservation work during 2013 so essential to ensuring the future of St Bride’s through the 21st Century.

  • Rusting cramps damaging ashlar face

    Rusting cramps damaging ashlar face

    Pollution deposit on spire steps

    Damage by rusting cramp

    Evidence of Damage

    Parapet cracks; sculpture erosion; inappropriate pointing

    Heavy erosion; eroded drip detail & heavy staining

    Rusting cramps damaging ashlar face

    Inappropriate sculpture repair;
    eroded drip detail & heavy staining

  • Heavy staining and bird pollution

    Staining and parapet cracks

    Ferrous cramp damage

    Cement mortar fillet; ferrous cramp damage

    Further Evidence
    of Damage

    Heavy erosion forming hole in cornice

    Loss of sculptural detail

    Loss of sculptural detail

    Partial lead dressing on segmental pediment; staining and erosion

Why it matters
  • Why it matters


    St Bride’s Fleet Street has a special significance for many people, located as it is in the heart of the City of London:

    The City landscape is punctuated with historic buildings, many of them churches. A few are fine examples of Wren’s best work. They are the glue that holds the Cityscape together and helps make the ever-changing property skyline what it is today.

    Sir Michael Bear
    Master of the Worshipful Company of Paviors,
    Late Lord Mayor of London

    Architecture can be symbolic as well as functional, a reminder of the past as well as an amenity for the present, and aesthetic as well as technical. Wren’s St Bride’s Church, with its distinctive spire, is a timeless example.

    Paul Finch OBE
    Design Council Cabe

  • Sir Christopher Wren was quite simply the greatest architect that England has ever known. In the years after the Great Fire his buildings defined London. And it is a measure of his genius that nearly 350 years later they still do. St Paul’s dominates the skyline. The churches are fixed points in the ever changing City scape, precious jewels which still shine brighter than so much of what came after. And St Bride’s is one of Wren’s best. There is no greater accolade than that.

    Adrian Tinniswood
    Writer and Historian

    St Bride’s, the tallest City church that Wren built, has stood firm for centuries. This ‘madrigal of stone’ which has inspired designers, authors, conservationists and cakemakers for centuries urgently needs to be repaired, protected and made safe for the use and delight of future generations. In 2013 the parish will embark on the important conservation work necessary in order to increase the fabric’s life and secure the future of St Bride’s into the heart of the 21st century.

    John Smith
    Architect in Residence

  • St Bride’s is not only a church but a focal point, a rallying point for the UK’s fourth estate, Fleet Street, the newspaper industry and the broader broadcast and online media business. It is 500 years since Wynkyn de Worde first set up his press in the churchyard of St Bride’s and it is nearly 25 years since the newspapers moved out of Fleet Street; nevertheless it is to St Bride’s that we journalists return for the celebration of the industry and individual people’s contribution to a free press.

    Nick Ferrari
    Journalist and Broadcaster

The Challenge
  • The Challenge

    Wren’s Spire has inspired for over 300 years and continues to today.

    We need to raise £2.5 million – for this vital programme of restoration. We have committed £300,000 from our current reserves to this task.


    St Bride’s is a working church; a building that is constantly in use seven days a week, with an active congregation of residents and local business people. As well as the daily life of St Bride’s there are regular weddings, christenings, memorials and concerts. The association with Wren ensures that there is also a regular overseas visitor profile too. All this is serviced by a small staff and with the help of a team of volunteers.

    St Bride’s walls and tower needed to be strengthened earlier in the last century as well as during the 1950’s programme of restoration. Since then they have survived smoky chimneys, lightning, stormy gales, acid rain, extensive pile-driving and defiling by birds. This damage to the stonework has now become a serious concern as pieces of stone are falling from the tower and are a danger to the public.

  • It is also forty years since the tower’s last cleaning, and the grime of London life has again built-up and is obscuring much of the beauty of Wren’s masterpiece. St Bride’s is one of London’s most beautiful and inspiring structures. It has been at the heart of printing and the media for over 500 years and buildings on this site have been in use for nearly 2000 years. It now sits amongst one of the great centres of London commerce and finance.

    We need your help to ensure that St Bride’s continues to play an active part in the life of the City of London and remains a fully working building in Fleet Street, with a clear focus that stimulates, interacts with and contributes to the congregation that includes the media, the financial sector, large and small local businesses, the passing tourist and you and me.

    The Venerable David Meara
    Archdeacon of London
    Rector of St Bride’s

How you can help
  • How you can help

    Donation arrangements and complementary offers


    • Any donation can be payable (contracted) over three years rather than all at once, if that is what a donor wishes.
    • Donations are intended to help the primary purpose of the appeal, but will attract complementary benefits.
    • All donors will be invited to a service of thanksgiving specifically related to this appeal.
    • All donors will have their names recorded in the church in some form.
  • By individuals

    Gift Aid donations increase the value of a cash gift by 25%, and higher rate taxpayers receive a personal allowance reducing the net ‘cost’ of their gift.

    Gifts of assets including shares and securities, units in unit trusts, shares in open-ended investment companies, interest on offshore funds, and property.
    – Donations from Trust Funds

    By companies

    Gift Aid for cash donations, but different rules apply on tax refunds. The value of donated shares and securities are treated as a deduction from company income. There can be tax exemption and relief from Corporation Tax on a gain, or relief against future Capital Gains Tax from a loss.

  • Individual donations (Bronze)

    • Floor of £1,000
    • Name on bronze plaque
    • Print of St Bride’s

    Individual, family and corporate donations (Silver)

    • Floor of £25,000
    • Name on silver plaque
    • Print of St Bride’s
    • Certificate of thanks
    Donation can be contracted over three years

    Individual, family and corporate donations (Gold)

    • Floor of £100,000
    • Name on gold plaque
    • Limited edition print of Wren St Bride’s drawing
    • Certificate of thanks
    • Sponsorship of chorister
    • Time capsule donation
    • Named church event sponsor
    Donation can be contracted over three years

    Individual, family and corporate donations (Platinum)

    • Floor of £500,000
    • Name on stand-alone platinum plaque
    • Early numbered limited edition Wren print
    • Individualised model of the church or spire
    • Certificate of thanks (hand lettered)
    • Sponsorship of chorister
    • Time capsule donation
    • Named church event sponsor
    Donation can be contracted over three years
  • Donate with JustGiving

    To register your interest in making a donation or for more information, please contact:

    James Irving
    Director of Finance
    St Bride’s INSPIRE! Appeal
    Fleet Street
    EC4Y 8AU
    Tel: 020 7427 0133


    Download standing order mandate (pdf)

How To Donate


Make a one-off or monthly donation online via JustGiving. Please remember to Gift Aid your donation if you are a UK tax payer. This enables us to claim an additional 25%.

Donate with JustGiving


Donate up to £10 by text. The full amount plus Gift Aid comes to the church thanks to Vodafone.

Text STBA £3 / £5 / £10 to 70070. E.G. STBA13 £10


Support our Wash the Face of an Angel appeal by sponsoring one of the many unique items inside the church.
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Standing Order

Set up a standing order. Please download and complete the mandate.
Download standing order mandate (pdf)

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